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, September 6, 2019

Many flavors can be combined and preserved in alcohol infusions.  Once the fresh ingredients have been strained out, your delicious infusion is shelf stable for a full year.


STEEP IT: Preserve flavors at their peak by adding fresh herbs to a homemade simple syrup, steeping in neutral alcohol like vodka or gin, or even making them into teas by steeping in boiling water.

JUICE IT: Early fall is full of juicy fruit flavors, including cherries, pears, pomegranate, and persimmons. Utilizing sugar and a bit of alcohol to preserve these flavors, you can make cordials, syrups and a @ShillingCanningCompany favorite — brandied cherries.

PICKLE IT: Many ingredients can be preserved by using dehydration or pickling. Think tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and other garden favorites. For the bar at Shilling Canning Company, we save the pickling brine from our bread and butter pickles (a garnish that tops the Deviled Ham Deviled Eggs) for a tasty bourbon chaser — the perfect pickleback!

INFUSE IT: Many flavors can be combined and preserved in alcohol infusions. Some excellent examples are homemade bitters, an amaro, or even a limoncello. Begin by infusing neutral alcohol with fresh herbs, spices or fruit peels (usually a combination of all three) and let steep for several weeks. Finish by adding a bit of sugar and water to taste. 

MINT: A soothing and calming herb for centuries, mint is a natural remedy for indigestion and helps stimulate healthy cholesterol levels. 

BASIL: Perhaps best known for accompanying the tomato, medicinal basil can be a powerful anti-inflammatory while giving you a healthy boost of magnesium and vitamin K.

RED CHERRIES: Don’t forget cherries. Seriously. In addition to helping improve memory, tart red cherries are excellent for exercise recovery thanks to their fiber. 

THYME: This fiber-rich popular culinary herb is also a legacy healer. Use it to ease seasonal coughs and colds as the weather turns cooler. 

LEMON VERBENA: This aromatic shrub, once brewed, becomes a citrusy delight that is perfect for those looking to lighten their caffeine intake this fall. 



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